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Burnett and Williams has served clients and Virginia communities for over 40 years. In our blog, we share articles about important issues of personal injury law and community news. We welcome comments and questions!

Elderly driver unlocking car door

When is it Time for an Older Driver to Hang Up the Car Keys?

Recognizing when a parent or a loved one is unable to keep driving. It can be a sensitive conversation to navigate: is your elderly parent still able to safely drive? What if they cause a car accident because of their…

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Photo Courtesy of Kelly Smith Studios

Apple Pie Sangria for the Holidays

Bring the warm flavors of the season into your glass this holiday. It's probably safe to say that this year has had more than a few challenges for all of us. Let us help spread a little bit of holiday…

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Decorating-Related Injuries

Don’t let a fall or a fire ruin your holidays. The holiday season is a time for decking the halls and celebrating, but all too often holiday decorating can lead to unexpected injuries. A study by the Consumer Product Safety…

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Two Shoppers with Shopping Bags Reviewing Shopping List

Holiday Shopping Safety

With the holidays upon us, how can you stay safe while out and about trying to cross things off of your shopping list? Photo: Shutterstock/ Lucky Business The holidays are upon us, which for many people means a lot more…

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Steps Covered with Snow and Ice

Slip and Falls in this Season of Shopping

Is a shopkeeper liable for your injury if you slip and fall on their property? It’s a busy time of year for many of us, full of holiday errands and going from store-to-store shopping for gifts. And while holiday cheer…

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer a few of our most-asked questions for you. At Burnett & Williams, we receive a lot of questions about how to initiate a personal injury case. We’ve gathered a few of these frequently asked questions and answered them…

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Crowd Safety Tips

Do you know what to do if you’re ever in a dangerous crowd situation? The recent news that 10 people were killed in the crush of the crowd at the Astroworld concert in Houston, Texas is tragic, but the awful…

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